vendredi 12 novembre 2004

In The Melody Style

Drugburn makes somewhat of a departure from its previous format with its comeback post. For one thing, I have discovered caps, and for now on I plan on using them. I think it makes my blog much more readable and "intelligent."

The band I'm featuring in this particular entry represents another departure. As many of my friends are already aware, I have become fixated on a Swedish group known as Melody Club of late. If you are someone I know and I have not compelled you to listen to and/or look at them, I plan on doing that...Right. Now.

To the casual listener, the most prominent aspects of Melody Club's sound are probably the layers of synths that permeate their music. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking..."synth pop," "new wave," "UH OH THE NINETEEN EIGHTIES!" But be fair. Offhand, I would say that they are most comparable to The Cars, who certainly created pop hooks solid enough to transcend such crass labels. Melody Club deserve to be regarded separately from all of the "eighties revival" dreck that has clogged the airwaves and record stores for the past four years.

They do not belong on the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie. They do not belong on early "when they still played videos" MTV.

Go listen to "Baby" and tell me that it doesn't melt the enamel right off your teeth.

Melody Club official website (only the Swedish part works at the moment)
"Take Me Away" video (Windows Media Player)
"Baby" video (Windows Media Player)