mardi 23 août 2005

Yé-Yé Of The Day: Maël (Finally!)

I had been trying to find Maël's new album, Kung-Fu Et Autres Cirques De Bord De Mer since it came out in January. The review in Les Inrockuptibles intrigued me with its comparisons to Florent Marchet and Mathieu Boogaerts, but only yesterday did the French pop gods finally deliver it to my ears. While Maël's sound is far more subdued than Marchet's heady, sublime pop-infused chanson, I can't stop listening to "Tatouage De Hippie" with its irresistible gypsy rhythm and subtle electronic noise. Kung-Fu as a whole is a fine slice of the unabashedly beautiful folk-pop the French so excel at these days.

Also, if you haven't heard Florent Marchet's Gargilesse, seek it out! He has to be one of the most talented solo artists in France today. Maybe I'll post something of his in the near future.

lundi 22 août 2005

Can't you hear it?

While I digest some new music, here are two versions of one of my favourite songs, "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat," both the cover by Herman's Hermits and the original by the incomparable Goldie and the Gingerbreads.

lundi 15 août 2005

Donne Moi Ton Coeur Et Ta Fleur

This new Yé-Yé Of The Day comes from this extremely obscure Breton psychedelic folk sextet. Information about Folkdove is scarce, but apparently the album was originally released in 1975 in a pressing of just a few hundred copies. Yes, French psych-folk is as gorgeous as one might suspect, medieval instruments and all--the haunting "Reverdie" attests to that.

dimanche 14 août 2005

Drugburn returns!

I know it's been a long, long absence--much longer than I wanted it to be--but I once again have the resources to make Drugburn a regular happening. Those of you who have checked back here won't be disappointed.

Here is my goodwill offering: Petula Clark's bombshell cover of The Kinks "A Well Respected Man" entitled "Un Jeune Homme Bien."

Much more to follow, so stay tuned.