samedi 26 novembre 2005

I want more and more and more and more...

Dutronc and band perform in front of a pop art backdrop. Je l'aime beaucoup!

"J'aime Les Filles" video

(The video is in .avi format, so if it doesn't work for you, go here.)

jeudi 24 novembre 2005

Vidéo Drugburn: Les Cactus

Here we have Jacques Dutronc singing "Les Cactus" on a television show. There are no words.

Laisse tomber les filles!

I'm pleased to present Drugburn's first video--the Scopitone for France Gall's "Laisse Tomber Les Filles." I'm too lazy to do a screen capture--just watch it, okay?

More yé-yé videos to come.

Edit: I got rid of the file because I was worried about my hosting site's bandwith, but it's all over Youtube, so from now on the link will point to them.

vendredi 11 novembre 2005

We Set Paris On Fire

Now is the is the Seahorse Liberation Army's "We Set Paris On Fire," final final version. Pass it on!

(Now if only the students would join in.)

Happy Paris riots 2005.