dimanche 14 août 2005

Drugburn returns!

I know it's been a long, long absence--much longer than I wanted it to be--but I once again have the resources to make Drugburn a regular happening. Those of you who have checked back here won't be disappointed.

Here is my goodwill offering: Petula Clark's bombshell cover of The Kinks "A Well Respected Man" entitled "Un Jeune Homme Bien."

Much more to follow, so stay tuned.

3 commentaires:

Laura a dit…

Yay! I was hipped to your site from Mordi's blowupdoll and have been madly downloading from your old posts.

Great cuts and thoughtful commentary. Glad to have you back!

Laura in Philly

Bobby a dit…

I second that, the old stuff was brilliant so its wonderful to have you back, good track this also!

spikedcandy a dit…

Yay, so glad you are back. I haven't checked here for aaaaaages, and just now thought 'I bet drugburn is back'. Blog clairvoyance - how exciting :):)