jeudi 1 septembre 2005

Psycha Bourée

Dashiell Hedayat--"Chrysler Rose" (10.1 massive psychedelic megabytes)

I can't begin to describe this song except to say that if it was a house I would want to live in it.

(I originally misspelled his name--my source for the song got it wrong--but further investigation reveals that Hedayat was a poet who was involved with the experimental group Gong and that this song comes from the album Obsolete.)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

went looking for more info online - think the name's actually Dashiell Hedayat.

Anonyme a dit…

how cool. i was just jonesing for the "Obsolete" lp sometime in the past few days and here's the first cut!!! All we need now is "Long Song for Zelda" (last cut on same side)