dimanche 4 mars 2007

Viva la Drugburn!

Salut--it's been a long, long time since I last posted on this blog. Despite my former inconsistencies, the hiatus is now finally over, and I'm determined to post on a consistent basis from now until doomsday. Reading all the old comments, I was inspired by how much you all have appreciated my posts in the past, and I realised that I had to bring Drugburn back for good.

Some small changes are in store for Drugburn--since the advent of Youtube, I'll be able to post videos much more easily, for one. I also want to broaden the scope of the musical content to include some French/Belgian/Québequois punk and new wave, French experimental music, and whatever else I am really enjoying and wanting to share with the readers of this blog. Last but not least, I'm planning on posting playlists within the blog every so often.

Stay tuned for a new music post in the next twenty-four hours!


1 commentaire:

ryan a dit…

Oh! I have been watching and waiting. Viva drugburn! Very glad you are back.