dimanche 3 avril 2005

Le Pop Art, C'est La Liberté

Apologies for my absence. Can I make it up to you with a brilliant French pop song?

Here it is--"Pop Art" by Tienou et les Wind-Dings.

I might lose my ability to upload files soon, though, since my friend isn't able to pay his site's hosting fees for this year.

4 commentaires:

modcentric a dit…

i love this track! thanks for that. how about giving YouSendIt a try if you can't get the files hosted?

Anonyme a dit…

I recently discovered your fantastic site, and would hate to see it go. I loved this track too, by the way. Ion

Anonyme a dit…

i loved your fabulous ye-ye posts! aww, but kisses upon your going-away

bela a dit…

Pop Art rocks
thank you for sharing it