samedi 16 avril 2005

Vivre comme dans les livres

Mordi of Blowupdoll passed this book survey along to me, and since my taste in literature often is related to pop culture anyway, I thought it would make sense to post it here.

1) You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451; which book do you want to be?
Anything by Tom Robbins, Dave Eggers, or Madonna (not that I don't like some of her music).

2) Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
Yes, although I can't remember many of my book-crushes anymore. Dewey from I Never Loved Your Mind is the kind of boy I would date.

3) What are you currently reading?
Raven--a massive tome about Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple--and Raoul Vaneigem's The Revolution Of Everyday Life.

4) The last book you bought was:
The Sit-In Game (Swedish kids rebelling and taking over a school in 1969), The Preppy Handbook, Diane Von Furstenberg's Book Of Beauty, and The New Art (a collection of essays about pop art, Dada, abstract expressionism, etc.).

5) The last book you read was:
Evasions, the true story of the author's adventures shoplifting and squatting his way across America.

6) Five books you would take to a desert island:
1. Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen, possibly the most perversely beautiful novel of all time

2. The Complete Works Of Verner Panton

3. The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin

4. The Rudi Gernreich Book (Fashion designer of the future)

5. Society Of The Spectacle by Guy Debord

7) Who are you going to pass this stick to, and why?
Maybe The Soundkeeper, or other people on Livejournal (yes, I do have one, and anyone who knows how to work Google can probably find it without much difficulty).

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phia a dit…

So I finally (!) heard Weird War's music, and you're right; it's really great. Seriously don't know why I waited until now.

Dave Eggers went to my elementary school. I haven't read his shit ('cause "shit" I kind of assumed it was), but I hear he namedrops Ms Richardson. (In kindergarten, the bad-asses were always sent to Ms Richardson's Desk.)

I'll fill out the survey when I have time to waste again. Unfortunately, I've barely read anything not-for-school lately, save little glimmers of philosophy and surrealist history.

we should see a show/go music shopping/eat lunch/something next time you're in Berkeley. You seem like a cool one.