dimanche 1 mai 2005

The SLA Took My Baby Away

Jesus, I've been a bad blogger lately, and I have no real excuse this time. As a consolation, I would like to post mp3s of my own band's works in progress. Hold on, where are you going? Come back! Believe me, I would not waste my time in a shitty band making shitty music.

My group, The Seahorse Liberation Army, counts among its influences Stereolab, Can, Prince, Françoise Hardy, Stereo Total, Julien Ribot, Jacques Dutronc (in fact, we cover two of his songs), and many other Drugburn-esque artists. We are getting hip with the Situationists and Bucky Fuller. Keep in mind that these songs are in various stages of completion; we expect to have our EP done by the fall.

ABC Intro
Play Play Play
Mini, Mini, Mini
We Set Paris On Fire
On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Dit Rien
The Last Situationist

If you dig us, be sure to leave a comment.

4 commentaires:

Anna a dit…

Je vous dig!

Anonyme a dit…

Bluero From Belgium said
Bluero vanuit Belgie - Vlaanderen zegt
Bluero De La Belgique dit

Subliem - sixties goes mojo in the eighties

Go On ------------ There's no time to kill------The Seahorse Liberation Army is just begun (I think) ----------Gr. Bluero

Guy Stevos a dit…

You guys rule. I'm playing you on my radio show in toronto this week (the show focuses on music from the blogosphere). Please check us out at http://soundbasement.blogspot.com.

IanB a dit…

Yep! I dig it ......... am gonna link you at my Blog ... check it out ......

Cheers IanB