jeudi 24 novembre 2005

Laisse tomber les filles!

I'm pleased to present Drugburn's first video--the Scopitone for France Gall's "Laisse Tomber Les Filles." I'm too lazy to do a screen capture--just watch it, okay?

More yé-yé videos to come.

Edit: I got rid of the file because I was worried about my hosting site's bandwith, but it's all over Youtube, so from now on the link will point to them.

9 commentaires:

lindsay a dit…

^^ I love the video. please keep putting up ye-ye music!

Bruno a dit…

Great stuff,keep it up!:)

QQF resident a dit…

Very nice FG picture.

Kenny Lust a dit…

Truly sweet girl singin' sweet music.
Great to see my favorite french girl on video.

thank you very much

mordi a dit…

france gall rules the world

Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup

I would love to hear the original single,..Please...and the B side..Please.,,..

Anonyme a dit…

Remind me of Mr William of Serge Gainbourg

Tank' yo'

Atomo! a dit…


First of all congratulations for your blog... you rule!

just one question: I'm trying to download this France Gall scopitone but I couldn't make the download... could you put the mpg avaliable again?

thank you

Enid Coleslaw a dit…

Hey, am having some problems with this download: after right-clicking and saving as the file doesn't download at all? Any clues? Other than that thanks again!