mardi 22 mars 2005


This post is dedicated to the sub-subgenre of songs released in the wake of "Je T'Aime" that tried to cash in on its success. You know the drill: excessive female moaning in a French accent over some porn-y synths and a throbbing bass line. If anyone is aware of other examples I might not know yet, give me a heads-up.

"Erotica" was a one-off single released by a woman known only as Rita. Perhaps we'll never know who the real mastermind behind this classic was, or whether or not she was faking it, but either way, it's a sleaze classic. I'm dying to find a decent-quality image of the sleeve, which pictures a blonde tilting her head back in simulated ecstasy. Magnifique.

Jean-Jacques Robert and Jean-Michel Guise composed the soundtracks of two softcore films in the early 70's, Avortement Clandestin! and Caroline Mannequin Nu. Their lone and ultra-rare LP, Delirius Music, includes songs from both films, including the sextastic "Love Call." This song is more subtle than "Erotica," but just barely. The songs must have been separated at birth. I'll be on the lookout for other songs from Delirius Music, although I doubt I'm ever going to own the original--it's selling for over $100 these days. Reissue it, somebody, please!

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mordi a dit…

what great songs- cheap and sleazy! not a patch on Je T'aime but fabulous french sexploitation music.

Niandi a dit…

you want more of the same ? Arf Arf records have a comp called "Ooh Ooh Aah" which has 22 more sound a like tracks in the same vein. A track or two at a time is ok, but 22 in a row is hard going !

Anonyme a dit…

Hallo Pedal,

also, hier kommt natürlich auch "En Melody" vom alten Serge ins Spiel.

Grüße aus München,