vendredi 11 mars 2005

Drugburn Lives

That's right: I am back. I somehow managed to delete a large chunk of my customised template, which resulted in my having to change it to the rather austere Drugburn that you now see. I don't really like it this way, but until I can get someone to redesign it for me, it will have to do. Also, all my sidebar links got deleted, which is a drag, and I felt bad that I didn't put them back. For the moment, anyway, this blog will stay minimal.

I can now post mp3's, as I said quite a while ago, and I'm finally going to put that ability to use.

MUSIC POSTS IMMINENT, I PROMISE. Not that anyone reads this fucking thing.

1 commentaire:

Ian a dit…

Well get to posting again, then. I've had yer link sitting on my blog since December.