mercredi 16 mars 2005

Yé-Yé Of The Day: Fabienne Delsol

The music of Fabienne Delsol resembles a cross between early April March and more recent Holly Golightly, but perhaps a bit more psychedelic. Not that I think she's so easily filed away, but fans of March and Golightly would do well to track her down. Fabienne doesn't deserve to be such a no-name--she already put in a stint as frontwoman of the amazing garage-pop sextet The Bristols. And did I mention that she's French? Not fake French like April March and me, but genuine, baguette-eating French?

Fabienne's solo album No Time For Sorrows is one of the best modern updates on the yé-yé sound I've heard. She manages to pay homage to the era without giving making me think, "Been there, heard that." It's most definitely going to be in my top ten albums for 2005. Check out the sultry, bluesy "Chills And Fever" and her lovely cover of France Gall's Serge Gainsbourg-penned yé-yé stone classic "Laisse Tomber Les Filles."

3 commentaires:

ANTI-ROVE a dit…

Wow, that's some great stuff! Any idea where I can get this stuff in the States? That Evariste stuff was great too. Good to see you're back, Pedal.

Niandi a dit…

hi Pedal....great blog, just dicovered it and have read it from start to current. Thanx for the heads up on Fabienne...Loved her work with the Bristols and dig that ye ye

Anonyme a dit…

Fabienne Delsol is bomb! Thankyou so mush for letting me listen to her.